Interested in commissioning a painting?

I love taking on commissions and would be happy to try something that you have in mind. Don't worry - if you don't like the final painting, you are under no obligation to buy it - no pressure. 

I reckon if you are going to put something on your wall and see it every day, you definitely need to love the look of it! 

The basic process

Simply get in touch and let me know what you are after. 

It's handy for me to know what size you like or need, and it's super helpful if you can send reference photos, or point me towards something you like already. 

Once I get the painting about 3/4 done I'll flick you a photo and get your feedback. 

Then once it's finished - and you confirm you are happy - I will varnish it (let me know if you want a gloss or matte finish). I usually wait about a week for the painting to cure before varnishing it.  

Pricing (NZD)

I base my pricing on the size of canvas. 

The formula I use is $0.85 per square inch. For example:

  • 18 x 36 (648 sq in) = $550
  • 24 x 36  (864 sq in) = $735
  • 30 x 40 (1200 sq in) = $1020

And so on, you get the picture :-) 

There are many different sizes of canvas, so let me know what kind of space you have and I can work out some options. 

The cost of the canvas, all the paint, the varnishing, and packaging are all part of the commission cost. 

I'll also pay half of the shipping costs, too! 

Shipping and payment

Once the painting is on its way to you, I'll contact you with a tracking number.

There is no need to pay until you have received the painting in one piece and you are happy with the final product.

If for any reason you aren't happy with the painting, no worries! Just send it back and you won't need to pay :-) 

Too easy!

Some past commissions

Get in touch!

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