In the Forest

50 x 50 cm acrylic on stretched canvas


This painting is named after Van Morrison's song, "In the Forest". You can listen to it here

Golden Walk

30 cm x 45 cm acrylic on canvas


This painting is based on a photo I took of Yoshi and Junko walking home after a swim at the beach. 

Red Sky at Night

30 x 45 cm acrylic on stretched canvas (framed)


This was a commission and I worked from the photograph of the customer. It was a beautiful photo! You can see the photo vs painting here.

Beach Path

30 x 45 cm acrylic on canvas board (framed)


After starting my new job I was pretty exhausted most days. One Saturday morning I woke up and realised I hadn't been to the beach in over 4 weeks... no wonder I wasn't feeling 100% myself! I went down that morning and when I reached the path to the shore I was blown away by just how beautiful everything was. I had a real urge to get home and paint the scene, so I did, and this is what came out.

Night Lights

100 cm x 80 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is a view of Oriental Bay, Wellington, at night. I don't do many dark paintings, but the view of the lights of Wellington are so beautiful, I wanted to give it a go. This is finished with a satin varnish over the land and sky, and a gloss on the water.

Wellington Harbour

60 cm x 20 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is a view of Wellington from above Oriental Bay. You can't beat Wellington on a good day!

High Peak

60 cm x 30 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is the second in a little series of Aoraki/Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. 

Evening Sun

40 cm x 20 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This was commissioned as a gift for someone who is very fond of Kapiti Island. For me, this is a typical Kapiti scene, in the winter the sun sets right behind the Island and you get such beautiful, bright contrast of light through the clouds in the evenings.

Dawn Light

60 cm x 30 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


I am not a fan of being on mountains, but I do love the beauty of them! This was my second ever attempt at painting a mountain.

The Secret Path

30 cm x 17 cm, acrylic on canvas panel


This is a scene from a local walk in the Nikau Palm Reserve in Paraparaumu. The stairs reminded me of a secret garden my Nana once made for us when we were young kids. 

Moonrise over Wellington

90 cm x 60 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is the amazing view of Wellington City from my friend's house in Highbury. On this night there was a Super Moon over the city and it made everything seem quite golden. I used silver and gold paint to try to make the city shine like it did that night. I think the painting ended up having a nice warm feeling.


45 cm x 30 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This beach is in Waikato and is accessed through a long tunnel that was built by hand in 1911. Back in the 1960s the beach was often visited by a father and daughter, who spent time there fishing. The grandson of that man commissioned this painting as a gift for his grandfather, as the man is now too elderly to walk to the beach.  I enjoyed painting this because I could feel the special family significance for the customer.

Mangaweka Cliffs

45 cm x 30 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is a view of the white cliffs on the Rangitikei River, at Mangaweka. This is was the first "plein air" (outdoor) painting I ever did. I took a roadtrip by myself for two days to paint and stay at the Mairenui Retreat, which my Dad designed and helped build before I was born. It was nice to sit out in the sun and hear the river flowing past, while my colleagues were all in the office.

River Shallows

20 cm x 28 cm, acrylic on canvas board


This was a beautiful summer day up the Waikanae river. It was fun paddling around and boogie boarding down the deeper parts with Yoshi. What I wanted to capture in this painting was the clarity and translucency of the water. River rocks are the best, but they are the worst to walk around on. Ouch. Thank goodness I had my trusty Crocs to wear while swimming.

Bush Walk

45 cm x 30 cm, watercolour and ink on paper 


This scene is from the Wellington Botanic Gardens, on the track up behind the Rose Garden's cafe. It was my second time to paint with watercolour and ink, and I really liked the effect for this forest-type scene. It's a challenge to get that magical green glow like when you are actually there in the bush and the sunlight is filtering through. Watercolours are so beautiful to work with.

Misty Mountains

30 cm x 42 cm, watercolour and ink on paper


This was my first time to paint with watercolour and ink. It's a view of Picton, looking towards the Southern Alps. I made a 3D model of this by sticking each layer of mountains onto pieces foam board and gluing them together, then making a box frame to go around the whole thing. 

The Old Bridge

45 cm x 30 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is a 100-year-old bridge spanning a canyon on a farm at Mangaweka. To get to it, I crossed several paddocks, slid down a muddy four-wheel drive track and sidled past two inquisitive horses at the bottom of a huge gully. It was a freezing cold morning, and the bridge was half covered in ice/frost. I took a few steps on it, but decided that if I fell, no one would ever find my remains. So I painted it instead.

Takaka House

42 cm x 30 cm, ink and watercolour


This is a house at the bottom of Takaka Hill. We drove past it and then did a u-turn to take a photo of it. When I got home I drew it, then I put a layer of watercolour over it.

After watercolouring it, I photocopied it, cut out several versions and used foam board to create a 3D scene. This is a detail from that scene.

The Majestic

70 cm x 55 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This was the view from an apartment my Aunt Grace was living in at the time. I was there for dinner when the whole sky went pink and gave the city a beautiful purple glow. I took a photo and decided to try to paint it with that pinkish hue.

First Light

150 cm x 60 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas


This is Aoraki/Mount Cook getting the first glimpse of morning sun. I did the mountain with a palette knife, which was my first time to try. Also, I had never thought to use blue to show shadows on snow. Seems obvious now, but when I first tried it it felt like a real breakthrough!

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