Works in progress

Below are some paintings I'm currently working on. Once they are done I will move them to my seacapes/otherscapes pages. In the meantime, though, I hope it's interesting to see some in progress :-) 

South End 1

This is the first of a new series I am working on called "South End." The idea with this series is to feature the south end of Kapiti Island in each painting, with a variety of weather conditions and sky and sea in each. This series will be completed in time for the Kapiti Arts Trail, this November. Each painting will have a gloss finish and is on A4-size canvas board. I will get each one professionally framed, too.

South End 2

This is the second work in the "South End" series. This is a bit different to my normal palette, with some greys and yellows in there. I love those moments when the tide is low and the sky is reflected in the rivulets on the sand. This is based on a photograph I took down at the beach one evening. I need to do some tidying up with this one, to sharpen up the forground and add some more small details.

South End 3

This is getting back to more my typical colour palette - with this one my aim is to try to capture that moment of strong undertow as the wave is sucked back out to sea. I will add more detail in background sea and island... I don't want to touch the foam too much as it's kind of how I wanted it already.

South End 4

I'm enjoying playing around with the shadows and layers of foam in this one, and trying to give the background a slight blurred effect to bring the foreground into sharper focus. Need to work on the island to give it a bit of character, still!

South End 5

With this one I want to show a typical bright kind of day in Kapiti, with an intense sheen coming off the water.

South End 6

I love a good sunset down at Paraparaumu beach. On this night there was a really thick, heavy purplish cloud above, but the reflection of the stream in the foreground was still nice and bright.

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